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AdvoCare products are based on significant scientific and medical breakthroughs.

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Guided by the prestigious AdvoCare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, we offer only the highest quality ingredients and standardized herbal extracts for best absorption, well-balanced nutrition, and consistent results.

Our products are regularly tested for purity and potency, and many are routinely tested as part of the most comprehensive banned-substance certification program for dietary supplements in the world. AdvoCare products are formulated with the highest regard for safety and efficacy.

"We have had literally hundreds of supplement companies through our gyms in the past six years, and the Advocare products are the first supplements we feel provide the high quality and consistency we've been looking for."

- Dave Finlay
Head Coach and Owner of XLR8 Athletix

Below are a few of the many supplements we recommend.

Weight Loss and General Nutrition:

Let's face it: when we interview athletes in our gyms - as well as prospective members - the overwhelming majority of folks are interested in weight loss and/or weight management.

Supplements - XLR8 Athletix Commerce - 8971111OMEGAPLEX - Omega-3 Fatty Acids

As CrossFit athletes, the primary reason for taking OMEGAPLEX is inflammation reduction. When you train hard you will undoubtedly experience some inflammation, and we simply want to help reduce that inflammation as much as possible. Omega-3 Fatty Acids also improve cardiovascular function and mental focus - who doesn't need that!

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Supplements - XLR8 Athletix Commerce - 1335206Fiber Drink

In general, we as a community do not consume an adequate amount of fiber in our diet. Conservatively, we should be getting at least 25 grams of fiber per day; however, the typical diet provides only about 12 grams per day. Low fiber intake is associated with weight gain, constipation and a host of other problems. Most often, we suggest that those of you looking to lose weight and jump start a healthy nutrition program start with a 24-Day Challenge (which includes the Fiber Drink). Once you have completed the Challenge, we recommend continuing your fiber maintenance with occasional Fiber Drinks as a great way to maintain a healthy system.

Only $21.95 and you can order online right now!


Pre-Workout Options:

Supplements - XLR8 Athletix Commerce - 937028Muscle Fuel

When it comes to competition, you want to get the most out of your body, which includes ensuring your body can sustain high-intensity work throughout the competition. If you are preparing for the CrossFit Games or other endurance competitions and you want to make sure you get the most out of every workout, you should be taking Muscle Fuel pre-workout.

Special note to Collegiate and CrossFit Regional athletes: YOU MUST BE AWARE OF EXACTLY WHAT GOES INTO YOUR BODIES. Many of the pre-workouts on the market contain BANNED substances and you will TEST POSITIVE if you are tested. Advocare has taken lengthy strides to ensure that Muscle Fuel maximizes results while staying clean. Check out Informed Choice for more info.

Starts at $42.95 and you can order online right now!


Supplements - XLR8 Athletix Commerce - 801357Mass Impact

Mass Impact, combined with Spark, is the best pre-workout option you can get. Where Muscle Fuel is designed more for competition, most athletes are going to benefit from Mass Impact to enhance their daily training regimen. Mass Impact is a fully tested and NCAA approved Creatine/Amino Acid supplement designed to improve training performance and build muscle. This is not for everyone, but if you are serious about taking training to the next level, you should give Mass Impact a try. The best way to do this is: one scoop of Mass Impact and one scoop/packet of Spark 30 minutes before training.

Starts at $72.95 and you can order online right now!


Post Workout Recovery:

When you train hard, it is critical to support your body's natural recovery system. These two product significantly enhance your body's ability to recover from hard training and prepare for the next day's workout.

Supplements - XLR8 Athletix Commerce - 1074457Post-Workout Recovery Shake

When you are training hard, it's critical to consume a high-quality protein within 30 minutes after training. We work our butts off in the gym and we want to make sure we are taking steps to reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery time. There are a million different post-workout products on the market, but in our opinion, the Advocare Post-Workout Recovery is the highest quality.

Starts at $49.95 and comes in Chocolate and Vanilla!


Supplements - XLR8 Athletix Commerce - 8051540Nighttime Recovery

How many times have you heard that sleep is critical to recovery and performance? Sleep is commonly considered the secret weapon for athletic performance, and if you want to perform at your best you must utilize your sleep time to recover. Nighttime Recovery enhances the sleep recovery cycle. Within a couple nights, you will find yourself sleeping deeper, dreaming more, and feeling refreshed and ready for the day. We strongly suggest that you use Nighttime Recovery to facilitate recovery and muscle growth.

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