X|8 Sports Performance

Reach Your Athletic Potential with a Custom Fitness Program

The X|8 Sports Performance programs at CrossFit OTD focus on building strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance, specific to your sport and skill level. Part of your custom program will include corrective exercises to overcome areas of physical weakness, and routines that improve overall functional movement and decrease your injury potential.

X|8 Sports Performance Options

Team Training – Team training is designed for sports teams and groups to train together in one setting, with one leader, working to build strength, power, speed, agility and endurance as well as reinforcing the importance of working together, supporting each other, and camaraderie. We have found that teams who work hard and play hard together have a competitive advantage when compared to those that train as individuals.

Sports Performance Camps – Get a competitive advantage next season by putting in some extra work in a sports performance camp. This program is designed for individual athletes looking for that edge in the coming season. Whether you are competing against yourself to improve splits or reach a new PR, looking to improve your chance of making the team or starting, putting in the extra work, tailored to your sport, to can be the difference.

Personal Training – The best athletes in the world have programming designed to work their specific weaknesses. Group training is a essential for overall strength and flexibility, but for those seeking individual excellence, training with a professional who understands your specific goals is the best option. Many of our athletes combine Personal Training and Sports Performance to create the ultimate off-season program.

Jump Higher, Run Faster, Hit the Ball Farther; We’ll Help You Do It!

Our Sports Performance programs are tailored to the athlete, based on the athlete’s strength, weakness, and skill level. Your personal coach will assess your starting point and develop a program that will target the large muscle groups, increase flexibility, improve coordination, and build endurance. Every athlete including swimmers, runners, tennis players, cyclists, football players, basketball players, and more uses core muscle groups to perform an action. CrossFit OTD coaches will identify the muscle groups and create a program that will get you more range, more power, and help reduce overuse injuries.

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