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CrossFit OTD is located within the spacious multi-sport restaurant, On the Dunes, in Commerce Township, MI, on Haggerty Road. Come in for a workout and treat yourself afterward to a delicious meal, indoor golf simulators and outdoor volleyball courts.

Why join CrossFit OTD? There are several personal reasons for joining a gym. What sets CrossFit OTD apart from everyone else is the genuine dedication to helping you reach your fitness goals. By offering fitness programs you can fit in before or after work, supervised open gym times, and listening to the needs of our community, we've eliminated most people's biggest challenge- time. We make fitness, affordable, convenient, and fun!

Personal Training

We believe that everyone should have access to a personal coach or trainer, even if it's only once per month. At CrossFit OTD, you have the option to train one-on-one with a personal coach, split the time with a friend, or hire one for a special group training or team training.

Sessions can be anywhere from 30-min to 60-min depending on your personal needs. Whatever your fitness goals are, we want you to be successful. Whether you come in before or after work, or even on your lunch break, our personal fitness coaches will work with you and your schedule to keep you focused and on track. WE make our personal training programs customized to your needs and schedule.

Superior Personal Trainer Near White Lake MI | CrossFit OTD | XLR8 Athletix - oneonone1Partner Training

Working out with a partner is a great way for you both to stay committed, motivated, and accountable. We find that people who train with a friend or significant other hold each other more responsible and are more committed to reaching their fitness goals. OTD CrossFit offers our members the opportunity for partners to work with a personal trainer and split the cost. You get the same attention and care that you would during a one-on-one session, just shared with a friend.

High Intensity Training

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If you're looking to take your physical fitness to the next level, you might like our high-intensity training programs. These programs are designed to help you reach peak performance with speed and strength exercises. This sort of class is perfect for athletes who are trying to step their game up! Classes will vary from weights, sprints, and other variations of CrossFit extractives.

This program is designed best for those who already have experience with physical fitness. What's great about us is that we give each one of our members a free training program with our coaches who can analyze your physical level and decide if this program (or something else) is best for you. The easiest way to find out is to come on by!

Endurance Training

Our endurance training program is a little different than our CrossFit classes, but you'll still build the same sort of results! This specific program is lead by our certified coaches who work with you to figure out your endurance goals. Our classes are "slower" paced than our high-intensity classes, and tend to focus more on muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Not only is this sort of physical fitness great for your overall health, but it helps you in the long run lose weight and build strength and stamina.

If you're training for a marathon or another physical milestone, this program is designed for you! Come by and check out what a class would look like for you! If it's your first time, you can meet with one of our certified coaches, for FREE, who might suggest this program or something else for you based on your goals and overall health.

Group and Team Training

Superior Personal Trainer Near White Lake MI | CrossFit OTD | XLR8 Athletix - training1Jump Higher, Run Faster, Hit the Ball Farther; We'll Help You Do It!

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Our Sports Performance programs are tailored to the athlete. Your personal coach will assess your starting point and develop a program that will target the large muscle groups, increase flexibility, improve coordination, and build endurance. Every athlete including swimmers, runners, tennis players, cyclists, football players, basketball players, and more use core muscle groups to perform an action. Our coaches will identify the muscle groups and create a program that will get you more range, more power, and help reduce overuse injuries.

Superior Personal Trainer Near White Lake MI | CrossFit OTD | XLR8 Athletix - group1Private Group Training for White Lake

If your group of athletes requires sports training for a specific type of event, we can provide the facility and the coach. We have helped many Commerce Township groups with custom training sessions like:

  • Football Training
  • Tough Mudder Conditioning
  • Warrior Dash Conditioning
  • Hockey Training
  • GoRuck Conditioning
  • Triathalon Conditioning
  • Iron Man Conditioning
  • Athletic Training
  • and more

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