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CrossFit OTD is located conveniently in Commerce Township, MI, on Haggerty Road. Our facility is located within the spacious multi-sport restaurant, One the Dunes. Come in for a workout and treat yourself afterward to a delicious meal, indoor golf simulator, or their outdoor volleyball courts.


The human body is meant to adapt to continuously varying physical stressors. The moment your body adapts to physical activity, the physical changes start declining or come to a halt altogether. In short, routine is the enemy.

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Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that is designed to be broad, general, and inclusive. All of its movements are based on functional movements that we all already do as part of our daily routines. By keeping the workouts varied and engaging, Crossfit allows these functional body movements to help maximize fitness goals, leading to dramatic gains in physical fitness. By keeping the intensity levels high, participants can do more working out in less time, further accelerating their results. The best part about Crossfit is its scalability; anyone of any experience level can start working out with only slight adjustments. An MMA cage fighter and an elderly person recovering from heart surgery are given the same routines; only the load and intensity are altered.

Forget your boring, routine workout and embrace your inner athlete. CrossFit is the Sport-of-Fitness and if you love playing games and challenging yourself, then CrossFit is for you. We pump out some of the best CrossFit Athletes in the midwest and we keep getting better. Train for everything - Join our CrossFit community today!

Best CrossFit Serving Birmingham MI | CrossFit OTD | XLR8 Athletix - icon4What to Expect in a CrossFit Class:

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CrossFit is designed to keep your body guessing and always trying to adapt but never actually adapting. At XLR8 Athletix, we continually build a program that prepares our trainees for any physical contingency. We have an ever-changing protocol that allows us to tackle the movements we enjoy and excel at but also give a shot at those we find challenging.

It's our belief that performing the movements you least crave, results in better fitness results. One thing's for sure at XLR8 Athletix; our specialty is not specializing!

CrossFit Clubs near Birmingham MI

All CrossFit clubs are not created equal and as such it's important that you find one that best suits your fitness needs. When looking for a good club to join, there are three main things you should consider:

The Programming: Is it biased or balanced regarding cardio and strength? Does the club apply a 'one size fits al' mentality? Athletes are very different, and workouts should always be tailored to new athletes, those who have been around for some time and those at pro level to promote growth and curb injury.

Community: CrossFit is communal by design. The club you join should have a positive and motivational atmosphere with a great rapport between the coaches and the athletes. At XLR8 Athletix, we are a family and always endeavor to support each other, inside and outside the gym.

Coaches: Trainers need to be experienced and certified at the very least.

Lucky for you, we offer the best in all three of these categories. Come stop by and see for yourself!

CrossFit Kids near Birmingham

More than ever before, we need to empower young people with skills to broaden their athletic foundation - learning about proper nutrition, understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and knowing how to have a lot of fun in the process!

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This is not a minor scale down of the conventional CrossFit program; it is purely geared towards kids and meeting their individual developmental goals. You can compare it to conditioning program such as P.E programs in most schools. XLR8 Athletix CrossFit Kids program is a multifaceted strength and conditioning program that's socially interactive and designed for kids ages 6-18. With the modern lifestyle predisposing our children to a sedentary lifestyle and the diet not helping either, there is a growing need to lay the foundations of fitness and health from a tender age to build a better future and improve the quality of life for our young generation.

Best CrossFit Serving Birmingham MI | CrossFit OTD | XLR8 Athletix - icon5Promoting Self-discipline and Self-motivation

Club members learn CrossFit methodology, movements, energy efficiency, and efficacy. They learn terminology, the method behind the madness, and why CrossFit coaches (around the world) are so relentless regarding form and practice. The students learn proper nutrition for their growing bodies, and why a pre-WOD fast-food meal is out of the question. At the end of the day, these young people learn how to motivate themselves and others, improve their overall health, increase their strength and fitness, and have a really good time with like-minded peers.

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